Sorba Detail Levels Post

Sorba 100% BIM proof

The use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the construction industry is growing steadily. The BIM process makes exchanging and storing information easier. Due to recent developments Sorba is now able to process information 100% according to BIM guidelines. There isn’t a specific BIM guideline, known as the Information Delivery Manual (IDM), for the façade industry. Therefore Sorba has joined a task group to help specify this IDM.

At Sorba the engineers use Autodesk Inventor to design 3D models. This software isn’t compatible with the IFC file format used for BIM. With the use of some additional software Sorba is now able to exchange BIM models in IFC files. It is with pride we can say Sorba is now able to work 100% according to BIM. To get a high BIM detail level is very time consuming and decreases the functionality of the model. Therefore a balance between detail level and functionality is required. Therefore we always discuss the required level of geometric detailing and the required labels with our clients. This allows us to work efficiently and at the same time deliver the required information.

The current IDM (Information Delivery Manual) doesn’t include specific detail levels and material labels for façade elements. Therefore Sorba has developed its own geometric detail level. It would be best to have an industry wide IDM, to provide clarity for manufacturers and clients. To achieve an industry wide IDM, Sorba has joined the VMRG BIM task group to help develop the standardised IDM for the Façade industry. Expectations are that this IDM for the façade industry will be published early 2019.