Sorba Sporen Denbosch 1 L

Honourable mention for Sorba’s Sporen in Den Bosch

During the presentation of the European Aluminium Awards at the recent Aluminium Messe in Düsseldorf, Sorba Projects from Winterswijk received an honourable mention for its Sporen project in Den Bosch. No first prize this time, contrary to the last edition, but nonetheless a great incentive. The jury praised Sorba for the way in which the concrete construction was ‘decorated’.
“The golden ‘fishnet stocking’ is a brilliant take on the concrete construction of this project”, the report states.

Sporen in Den Bosch
Sporen in Den Bosch is the name of the project for the diversion and renovation of the tracks around Den Bosch Central Station. Sorba’s activities are concentrated on the fly-overs near the River Dieze. That is where the tracks cross the water and these viaducts have been given gold anodised slats of woven aluminium. Sorba was closely involved in this project, designed by Marius van den Wildenberg. Among other, the surface treatment and the detail on the attaching of the individual slats (invisibly) are Sorba contributions

Very proud
Sorba management is especially happy with this prize. “Naturally, we’re very proud of this. Not an Award this time, but an honourable mention. It shows we’re working on inspiring and challenging projects. And that our work is appreciated. It’s really super”, said Eric Hogeboom, Sales Director at Sorba Projects.

Shaping architecture
According to Eric Hogeboom, it’s no coincidence that Sorba continually achieves such high scores. “You can see that the prize-winning constructions are all projects which emphasise the superior quality of Sorba products in the implementation. They get noticed, because of the unusual design of the façades, the complexity of the cladding and the extent to which professional knowledge of engineering and production technique is required. We are capable of realising that which the architect intended. That’s why our current slogan is: shaping architecture.”