OV Terminal Arnhem

OV Terminal Arnhem officially opened 19 July 2015

Arnhem Central Station was ceremoniously opened by the State Secretary Sharon Dijksma, after many years of delay. This beautiful station is the ambitious feature of the district development surrounding Arnhem CS. The whole area was designed by Ben van Berkel’s UNStudio.

In addition to this major focal point Sorba had already completed earlier works within the area, such as the entire façade envelope of the two adjacent office blocks, the complete aesthetic/structural element on the platform roofs, which included accessible glass and glass façades together with the concrete retaining walls. Sorba was also responsible, as regards to the OV (Public Transport) Terminal, for the engineering, production and assembly of the glass fibre reinforced concrete panels and the insulated roof below them, including air and water sealing.  It is also worth mentioning that the roof consists of around 1,100 unique panels, all varying in shape and size. A smart mould technique allowed the panels to be produced by mbX one on one from the 3D model Sorba provided. This produced a fantastic result.

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