Studio Solarix Panels | Marielle Van Uitert

Solar Design Façade Pilot

In 2016 Studio Solarix came up with a concept for energy generating façades. Now two years later this innovative idea will become reality through a cooperation of Studio Solarix, Kuijpers, Kameleon Solar and Sorba Projects. One of the office buildings from Kuijpers will be redesigned and gets a sustainable façade. The whole project started with the concept of Studio Solarix and now the other partners have joined in. Kuijpers will take care of the installation, Kameleon Solar manufactures the custom made glass solar panels and Sorba will engineer, assemble and install the façade.

The Solar Design Façade concept of Studio Solarix had a perfect launch. They won the Solar Design Award at the Dutch Design Week 2016, which led to opportunities to further develop the concept. Kuijpers and Kameleon Solar soon joined the project. Kuijpers wants to put the solar design façade on their office in Helmond, Limburg. The company is known for their energy-neutral and sustainable installations, so the façade concept fits perfectly in their portfolio.

Custom made Solar panels

Kameleon Solar joined in as a manufacturer of custom sized solar panels. Their goal is to improve the aesthetics of solar energy with colour and customization. This increases the number of ways solar panels will be used. The collaboration between Studio Solarix and Kameleon Solar led to the presentation of the first collection of Solar Design Panels at the Dutch Design Week 2017.

Engineering, assembly and installation

The last partner to join this sustainability project is Sorba, which will use its knowledge and experience with facades for this project. Façades are in Sorba’s field of expertise and Sorba is always looking for new techniques, innovations and challenging projects. Sorba will engineer, assemble and install the custom made façade. Expectations are that the production and assembly will start in September. This cooperation will lead to the first custom made design façade with integrated solar panels.

Photo: Studio Solarix – Photographer: Marielle van Uitert