Alpolic Fire

Sorba always uses ACM with FR and no PE-core!

In light of the enormous tragedy that happened last week at “Grenfell Tower London” and the subsequent evidence that the cladding may of had contributed to the fire Sorba has taken the decision to inform their customers and provide information on the use of the ALPOLIC/fr ACM material.

Sorba, when using Aluminum Composite Material throughout Europe, has always used the ALPOLIC ACM brand from Mitsubishi, and took the decision after many test results and years of expert engineering to only use the FR “Fire Retardant” core and in some cases A2 grade for external facades. ACM is a generic term for (Aluminum Composite Material) and can be produced in many ways and with various core types. Common cores used in the manufacturing of ACM are thermoplastic like Polyethylene, Polypropylene, both use oil based polymers, Phenolic core is sometimes used which has some resistance to fire, but FR mineral core (aluminum Trihrydroxide) has more resistance to fire spread and ignition.

Please see the short video which shows the different core material used in ACM within a test environment

Sorba UK Limited has produced and presented for some time an RIBA CPD seminar on the use of Metals in Rain-screen facades which encompasses ACM with emphasis on Fire design for the façade, so if this is of interest please do not hesitate to review the prospective or invite Sorba in to present the CPD.

Our hearts and condolences go out to the people involved in this un-presented fire of last week, and hope that lessons can be learnt and introduced going forward.