Alpolic A2 Aluminium Composite Material

Sorba UK Ltd takes the decision to use A2 quality Metal Composite Material

As we are all aware there has been much discussion recently within both government and technical advisory bodies on the use of non-combustible A2 and fire retardant FR core materials, especially within the Metal Composite Material (MCM) cladding sector. We are hearing conflicting messages, one stating that the current UK Building Regulations will need to be amended to only allow for the use of A2 grade (non-combustible) material above 18m (high rise), and another professional advisory saying “limited combustibility”.

Only today (23rd May 2018) in Prime Minister’s questions the same question arose again asking for clarification, so even though Sorba UK Limited has always engineered solutions with fire risk at the fore front of their designs, we feel a more forward thinking approach to this question should be applied.

Therefore Sorba UK Limited has decided to only use A2 quality when using a metal composite material; this in turn will elevate the risk to both contractors and clients, with the added bonus of reducing building and design insurance costs.

However please note that Fire Retardant MCM (limited combustibility) can still be used at the clients request and below 18m.

For impartial advice on this or any other cladding materials please contact Sorba UK limited the experts for cladding solutions.

Image: Alpolic A2 composition, manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemical.